I’m Shawn Winchester, imagineer at heart and artist by training, driven by bringing groundbreaking messages into the world. 

I take your words and ideas and turn them into impactful pieces of media whether that be illustrations, animations, graphics, videos, presentations or web sites.

Contact me about working together on your next education, book, public outreach, training, marketing or communications project.

How does VISUAL CONTENT influence comprehension and retention?

Information courtesy of SHIFT Disruptive Learning


“Shawn is an amazing artist and graphic designer. He listens to my client’s vision and then quickly turns that into reality. As a consultant, he is my secret weapon for even the most difficult client.”

Brent Schlenker
The Learn Train


“When I came up with the concept of using children’s picture books to deliver much needed burn prevention  information to help reduce the number of pediatric admits to the burn center, I approached Shawn to help me visualize and create the illustrations and design for my books. We distributed over 120,000 copies and had dramatic results with a 65% reduction in Hispanic pediatric burn admissions in high risk zip codes where we educated parents and children with the books. His creativity and skillset brought the books alive and helped us bring a much needed change to our community. Shawn is easy to work with and a true professional!”

Dr. Ruth Rimmer
Care Plans for Life


“Shawn Winchester and I are friendly competitors, and for several years he has been my trusted and exclusive go-to guy for web projects that require skill or knowledge greater than my own. I have always found Shawn to be a pleasure to work with — he is unfailingly responsive, pleasant and unflappable, and when the needs of my clients require his assistance and interaction, I involve him without hesitation. If everyone were like Shawn, it would be a better world.”

Norm Hulcher
Hulcher & Hays


“I would highly recommend Shawn Winchester, as a producer, co-producer, production manager, or in fact, anything for which he felt qualified. As soon as you begin working with Shawn you realize you are working with a conscious co-creator and partner, as dedicated as you are, to creating high-quality productions. He is also a person who takes joy in the adventure of discovering what  is most needed in the process of giving people tools and information they need to make positive change in themselves and in our world. Anything Shawn does not know in your first meeting, he will have mastered by your next.  After partnering with him, I would not hesitate to recommend Shawn to anyone. He was always fully present to our process and giving me his best. Feel free to contact me for additional information.”

Dr. Dina Evan


We have worked with Shawn for almost 20 years on everything from websites, to mobile app imagery and even conference presentations (slide decks). What I love most is Shawn’s ability to take our concepts and transform them into visual representations. Supporting our ability to “say it visually” has been a tremendous help to our communication efforts… in sales and also in patient education.

Sue Riffel


Global Viewpoint

Skilled at breaking the end vision into it’s distinctive parts.

Exceptional Partnership

Easy to share your big vision with even if it feels impossible or others don’t believe in you.

Process Development

Identifies key processes and operations to get you to the end result you desire.

Sharing Experience

Teaches with compassion, fostering your growth, interpersonally and professionally